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Fully Funded Training with Skills for Care

Friday 15th Sep 2023 - 15:27

Funded by Skills for Care
Total Training is super excited to be chosen by Skills for Care to deliver fully funded care training across England.

The Health and Social Care sector is made up of a highly skilled workforce so access to high quality training is essential to maintain this for both new and established staff. Skills for Care are funding programmes that provide information on skills, knowledge, values, and provide a firm grounding for volunteers and new recruits. The current workforce need regular updates to maintain high level of skills and knowledge. 

This is why Skills for Care are fully funding 'Rapid Induction Training Programmes' as well as 'Essential Refresher training'

Not only is this training fully funded but it is live trainer delivered and accessible any where in England via your device.

Skills for Care have made it really easy for care providers to access the training and no payment is required as everything is funded up front. Want to know more? click here 

We know this will be a huge help to so many care providers and we are proud to be selected to deliver this training.